The Vida

umm 21 y/o lives in washington but my heart is in california, in the military(army), and a HOPELESS ROMANTIC

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Tony Perry & Love Before Glory

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When my alarm goes off in the morning

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y’all fvcked with the wrong bitch

This says it all and stabs me in a sore spot. Every night after our nightly phone conversations and it was time to go to sleep, he would say, “Okay, game over.” And I would then ask him, “Did I win?” And he would say, “You always win.”
When we were talking for the last time, he jokingly said, “I guess this really is game over.” And I just sat there not muttering a word because at that moment I knew that he was right, it really was game over, and this time around.. I did not win.

Isles & Glaciers - Clush.